Author Testimonials

I absolutely LOVE Erin. She was my editor on Vampyres of Hollywood for St. Martin’s Press and when she left to go on her own, I followed her. Her input was invaluable on Love Bites. More than that, she’s a dream to work with. You’ll be in the best possible hands.
— Adrienne Barbeau // Author & Actor

When I sent the first draft of my novel to Erin, I had been working on it for almost a year and was feeling stuck. I knew there were parts of the story that needed development, but I was too close to the work to identify the issues and make a plan for fixing them. Erin’s supportive and specific feedback was exactly what I needed. She saw what my novel could be and helped me see how I could revise toward that goal. I count Erin’s editorial work as a major factor in finding my agent.
— Kelly O'Connor McNees // Author of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, May 2010, Penguin/Putnam

Erin is absolutely one of the best editors around. I was lucky to have her assigned to me for The Far Reaches, the third in my “Josh Thurlow” series. She’s sharp, focused, and knows exactly what is needed to produce a polished book, ready to go. Simply put, I adore her and her work.
— Homer Hickam // Author of Rocket Boys/October Sky and The Far Reaches

Submitting my manuscript to Erin Brown was the single best decision I made as an aspiring author. I wanted to get my novel in front of a professional — not just any freelance editor, but someone with experience in the publishing business. Following years at HarperCollins Publishers and St. Martin’s Press, Erin had an insider’s perspective on what sells. And frankly, my writing was no longer a hobby. What I wanted was publication. The day I received my feedback from Erin was the first day I truly believed I was a writer. Erin Brown, a professional editor who has worked with New York Times bestselling authors, had read my manuscript, provided a thoughtful and thorough evaluation, and best of all, had validated my work. The result was a colossal boost to my confidence and motivation. Erin didn’t just add a fresh pair of eyes to my project, she offered eyes with a laser focus. From typos to grammatical errors, from repetitions to nuanced word choices, Erin spotted the errant words and phrases that neither I, nor my early readers, had detected.

But more important than her eyes, Erin had an ear for authenticity. She was quick to point out what worked in my manuscript, and also what sounded “goofy.” She found shallow spots in my sea of words, scenes that needed to be expanded, and characters that needed to be fleshed out. In each and every case, Erin was spot-on. There’s no doubt my novel is much stronger and far more compelling from having incorporated Erin’s suggestions. Erin’s competence and professionalism are matched with her warmth and charm. Though she was honest and straightforward, Erin’s feedback was always constructive and kind. She used humor and grace, each time tempering the negative with the positive. I had a real sense that she believed in my writing, and trusted that I possessed the skills necessary to take my book to the next level. It’s been two months since I received my evaluation, and I’m still in frequent contact with Erin. Her patience in guiding me through the submission process has been unwavering. With her contacts in the publishing world, Erin graciously constructed a list of appropriate agents and even contacted some on my behalf.

In short, Erin Brown is an absolute gem. She’s a true find, and I highly and heartily recommend her to anyone who is serious about their craft and who wants an honest, thorough evaluation of their writing. And for the increasing number of folks who want to self-publish, Erin’s editorial service is a must. She was well worth every penny I spent, and exceeded my every expectation. In the end, I felt like I had a friend on the sidelines, spurring me on and cheering me to victory. To those who wonder if it’s worth the wait to get on Erin’s busy calendar, I think of William Somerset Maugham’s words: “It is a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
— Lori Nelson Spielman

There are a lot of so-called editors in the publishing world, who would, as the cliche goes, take your money and run. These charlatans will read the novel, write a half-hearted evaluation, and once you have received it, you never hear from them again, no matter how many times you try to contact them with follow-up questions. I know, because I have been down that primrose path.

This is not the case with Erin Brown. She will receive, evaluate, and give your story a thorough and honest going over and will not hold back on what she believes to be wrong. On the other hand, she will praise what you have done right and give you many suggestions that will strengthen and ultimately make your story publishable. Not only that, she is extremely responsive to your follow-up questions and concerns once you have received your evaluation. She will always respond in a timely manner.

I would not and have not hesitated to recommend her to any prospective author who needs a review of their work. She is nothing less than extraordinary. She is worth every last dime, dinero, drachma, or sesterce you possess.
— Jess Steven Hughes // Author of The Sign of the Eagle, April/September 2012, Sunbury Press

A deft hand, a sharp eye, and a great heart are rare and valuable among editors, but Erin Brown has somehow balanced those traits through years of high-profile word-wrestling to emerge as a gem among publishing’s pros. Yes, she bought my debut novel, and I’m grateful to her for that. But thousands of editors buy tens of thousands of books every year. The give-and-take grind of honing that raw prose and shaping the final product tells all. I’ve experienced it with Erin, but I have many published friends who haven’t had what I’ve enjoyed: Erin Brown as a first-class editor, wise beyond her page, and now, as a freelance, worth every penny, peso, euro, or shekel on her rate sheet.
— Dawn Shamp // Author of On Account of Conspicuous Women

Most authors thank their editors in their book’s acknowledgments because they have to. I couldn’t wait to thank mine. Erin Brown is one of those rare people in the writing world who lifts a writer’s work from something that happens in a lonely room to something that soars in the world. Her eye and intuition, skill and wisdom are gifts to the fortunate author. And here is something you don’t hear about in the editing world every day: Erin Brown is kind and strong at the same time. She will not back down from the task of making your work better, sharper, clearer, but she will honor your manuscript and vision while doing so. Never, in the process of working with this extraordinary editor, did my spirits flag about my work. Instead I learned to be a better writer, guided by an expert and sure hand.
— Mary E. Mitchell // Author of Starting Out Sideways

Erin Brown is a marvelous editor. She has phenomenal story instincts and the ability to communicate her ideas in a logical and easy-to-understand manner. My work turned out much stronger because of her critical eye.
— Harry Hunsicker // Shamus Award nominated author of Still River

With Erin, the often tedious and frustrating art of editing has been a dream, truly. Working with Erin on my books has proven a smooth and enjoyable experience, for she possesses the best mix of acumen, judgment, insight, foresight, and plain good sense. Her background at Harper Collins and St. Martin’s Press only adds to her innate talent and skill. Erin is an editor par excellence. And, oh, yes, she is extremely responsive to those for whom she is working.
— James Conroyd Martin // Award-winning author of Push Not the River and Against a Crimson Sky