Editorial Services 

Manuscript Evaluation

Fiction // non-fiction // up to 110,000 Words

A general manuscript evaluation is available, which consists of a full and thorough read of your manuscript, including specific suggestions about the writing, story, characters, market appeal (if applicable), and overall ideas for improvement. The evaluation is given in the form of a feedback letter, as well as specific page notes within the manuscript using Word’s Tracked Changes. I can also offer suggestions on how to proceed with your manuscript, answer questions, give advice about finding an agent that would be a good match for you and your project, and explain the publication process. Anything you want to know, just ask! This is not as detailed as a full content/heavy edit. A sample evaluation is available upon request.

Line Edit

content // heavy line editing

A heavy edit involves editing for broader story elements like organization, plot, character development, and structure. I use Word’s Tracked Changes so you can easily review my edits. How substantial the edit will be depends on the condition of the writing itself. A good editor will improve the overall manuscript, eliminating any issues that would lead an agent to say, “Well, I liked the writing, but the characters weren’t appealing,” or “I loved the plot, but the pacing was way too slow.” Get these problems solved before your final draft!

Query Letter & Synopsis

Query Letter Review & Edit

A solid query letter is essential to get an agent’s attention. I know what works, what doesn’t, and how to get your query noticed.

Synopsis Review & Edit

Most agents require a one- or two-page synopsis. This is a bare bones summary of the scenes in the book. The query sells the book, the synopsis describes it.


Manuscript Read

Read-through and overall impression

A manuscript read entails a review of your novel or non-fiction manuscript followed by several pages of overall editorial comments on the existing content, suggested revisions, and marketability of your work. It is the simplest and most affordable editorial option and gives you basic editorial direction and feedback.


A 50% deposit is required to schedule my services. The remaining amount is due upon completion of the project.


We will discuss the requirements of the project, the cost, the time frame, and will sign a standard editorial contract. No changes to price or negotiated terms will be made without contacting you first.